Teeth Whitening In Castle Hill: Benefits

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Whether you’ve recently done the ‘tissue test,’ or someone has said to you that your teeth look unsightly, you know that you need to do something and make a change. Of course, you may be put off when someone criticises the way you look, and it isn’t appropriate for them to do so. However, some people can’t help but be blunt and rude. Regardless, you now know that you need to do something about the way your smile looks and teeth whitening in Castle Hill is the ideal solution if you have yellow or stained teeth.

Teeth whitening in Castle Hill is safe, but it is best to go to a trained professional (dentist). At-home kits rarely work because they don’t have the dental-grade strength that you require. Plus, you’ll find that a professional whitening treatment gives you quick results. Many times, you walk out of the dental office with a whiter smile. Of course, each dentist has his/her own methods and treatment options, but the goal is to get done in a few hours (or less) and get instant results. That way, you can go back to work or do other activities while enjoying the feeling of smiling and knowing you have a beautiful smile.

Hills Dental Care understands that you want a white smile, so you’ll find teeth whitening in Castle Hill available to you. The Smartbleach 3LT system uses pure green light and red gel so that you get a photodynamic system that works without being too harsh for your tooth enamel. This treatment is very safe because the red gel is not harmful, and the green laser light won’t hurt you, either. The gel doesn’t etch enamel as traditional bleaching gels are prone to do. Plus, you might find that the results last for many years, especially if you brush regularly and avoid dark-coloured beverages and foods.

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