Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, WA Rather than Do-It-Yourself Options

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Dental Care

The teeth of men and women tend to start gradually becoming yellow as they develop stains from various substances that are consumed regularly. Service for professional Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, WA is available from dental clinics, helping patients rejuvenate their smiles. Over-the-counter products also can be purchased, but having the process started in a clinic ensures more consistent results.

Consistent and Significant Results

When people try teeth whitening entirely at home, the results often are not what they hoped for. This is especially true when they buy questionable products to save money or in an effort to whiten their teeth naturally. Professional Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, WA, as with the effective over-the-counter products, is a bleaching process. This is the only way to achieve significant stain-removing results.

An Alternative

A popular alternative is to have one or two whitening sessions at the clinic and then finish the process at home over the next few weeks. The dentist provides the peroxide products and the devices used to hold the bleaching materials against the teeth.

Establishing a Relationship

By establishing a regular doctor-patient relationship at a dental clinic, the person also has the advantage of knowing where to go if the need for Emergency Dental Care ever arises. A toothache or an accidental blow to the mouth may send the person to the clinic before a regular appointment can be scheduled.


Keeping teeth white in the future requires certain strategies. A visit to a clinic such as Mill Plain Dental Center at least once a year for professional teeth cleaning and polishing will remove some surface stains that may have occurred. The patient will want to limit consumption of staining materials, even though that can be quite difficult for some individuals.

Coffee, for example, is an extremely popular beverage but also one of the reasons people develop yellowing tooth enamel. Someone who doesn’t drink coffee might be enjoying black tea instead, but that’s another staining liquid. Getting caffeine from cola products is another way to gradually stain teeth, but at least those can be sipped with a straw. That will keep the dark liquid away from tooth enamel for the most part.

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