Is Clear Correct Right for You?

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Clear Correct is a revolutionary new alignment correction system that can help you if you have gaps in your teeth or alignment issues. You may able to choose this option and have a reliable orthodontist in Palm Coast professionally install it if you need it. Ask yourself these three questions before you schedule your consultation:

Do You Require Discretion?

Clear Correct may be the perfect solution for you if you need your correction process to be discreet. The clear aligner system is transparent, so no one but you will know about your treatment. It’s an amazing solution if you work a customer-facing job, or you’re a teen who thinks braces are completely uncool.

Is Your Problem Mild?

The plastic aligner system is suitable for minor and mild teeth alignment issues. Severe issues may require a different solution, but the only way to truly find out is if you talk to an orthodontist in Palm Coast about your options.

Would You Like to Remove Your Appliances?

The Clear Correct system is removable and thus perfect if you desire a less absolute correction system. You can keep up with your dental hygiene, and you can eat and drink whatever you like if you elect to have a removable system. The first step is talking to someone who can assess your case and let you know if this solution is the right one for you. You can start your treatment right away if you’re comfortable with the provider and the treatment blueprint.

Cypress Point Family Dentistry is a family-oriented establishment that can install the Clear Correct system if it’s right for you. First, you have to schedule an appointment and talk to someone there about whether it’s right for you. Call today and schedule your meeting to find out more about this option for correcting tooth alignment.

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