Is a Dental Implant Right for You? What Patients Need to Know in Mesa, AZ

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Dental Care

Are you considering dental implants? Implants are a more comfortable alternative to dentures. With implants, you can talk, eat and chew better and spend less time cleaning and maintaining a set of dentures. Here are three things you need to know before getting a tooth implant in Mesa, AZ.

Dental Implants Require Surgery

The most important thing you need to know about dental implants is that installing them is a surgical procedure. Your implants may be installed in stages to allow time for healing in between each part of the procedure. Dental implant surgery is usually performed in the dentist’s office under sedation.

There Are Different Types of Implants

If you’re only missing one or a few teeth, you can get single implants to replace them while leaving your other teeth intact. However, if you need a lot of teeth replaced, your dentist may recommend a type of implant that supports a full arch of dentures on two implanted anchors. Patients who already wear dentures can replace them with this type of tooth implant in Mesa, AZ.

Not Everyone Is a Good Candidate

Although many patients are good candidates for dental implants, you may be disqualified from the procedure if you have excessive jawbone loss, poor oral hygiene, or certain medical conditions. However, you may be able to become a good candidate by improving your oral care, treating your illness, or having bone grafts performed.

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