Seeking Treatment for Painful Teeth

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Sometimes, a filling might not be the solution for treating a cavity in your tooth. Instead, a root canal might be a better option so that an extraction isn’t performed. A root canal is usually a solution that your dentist will consider if you have a tooth that is severely infected and if there is still enough of the tooth left that’s healthy to save. Bacteria and the dead tissue in the tooth are removed before the root canal is completed.

Before getting a root canal in Hyde Park, an X-ray will usually be taken to determine the severity of the decay and whether it has impacted surrounding teeth. An anesthetic is injected into your gum so that you’re comfortable during the procedure. The top area of your tooth is opened with small tools in order to clean the inside. The interior will likely be reshaped so that it has a smooth surface. Sometimes, solutions are placed inside the tooth that will prevent an infection from forming again once the root canal is complete.

When the tooth is clean, your dentist will fill the inside with a material that has a consistency like rubber. A temporary filling is then placed while the tooth heals and so that the final crown can be designed. Once your tooth is healed, you’ll visit the dentist once again so that the permanent crown can be placed. This will look and function like your natural tooth. Sometimes, a small post is inserted inside your tooth in order to provide enough support to hold the crown in place. Once the crown is set, you can eat and care for your teeth as you normally would. Keep in mind that you should avoid eating a lot of hard foods or foods that are sticky as they could damage the crown.

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