Why an Annual Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver, WA Matters

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Even people who would not think about skipping an annual dental exam wonder if they really need to undergo an Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver WA. The answer is yes. The potential for cancer to develop in the gums, the lining of the mouth, and the tongue is just as great as cancer in any other part of the body. Here are some of the other reasons why an annual screening makes sense.

Increased Risk Due to Personal Habits

While no one is immune from developing some type of cancer, there are certain habits that increase the risk. For example, smoking can cause some type of oral cancer just as easily as it can raise the odds of developing lung cancer or some type of respiratory disease. Anyone who is not ready to give up the pipe or cigarettes should make it a point to undergo an Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver WA, at least once a year.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated for the human papilloma virus also needs to have at least one exam per calendar year. HPV is known to create the ideal environment for the development of cancer cells, including in the soft and hard tissues of the mouth.

Early Detection Makes a Difference

With any type of cancer, detecting the presence early increases the changes of making a complete recovery. If there are any signs of cancer in the lips, tongue, gums, or other areas of the oral cavity, discovering the issue before the malignancy can begin to metastasize means a less-complicated surgery. It also translates into less of a need for treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

There is no rule that says a patient is limited to one oral cancer screening per year. If there are tender spots or sores on the tongue or along the gums that seem to never get better, call the team at Lewis Family Dentistry today. After the screening is done, the patient can rest easy knowing everything is fine. If something is not quite right, the quick action will make it easier to deal with the issue and be restored to wholeness. You can also visit them on Facebook for regular updates.

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