Get Beautiful Teeth or Secure Prosthetic Devices With Dental Implant Surgery in Boyertown, PA

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Dentist

Given proper care, cleaning, and treatment, a person’s teeth should last their entire lifetime. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case because even a little carelessness in daily routines can result in caries (cavities), and a cavity might end up needing a tooth extraction to remove the problem. Like any procedure, an extraction has problems. The most obvious are the void left behind when the tooth is removed. This gap can result in shifting teeth, loose teeth, and other concerns.

The solution to many missing teeth concerns is dental implant surgery in Boyertown PA. That is, the dentist will have an inert material placed in the jawbone, and this stud is used to hold a crown or other prosthetic. The reason for anchoring the stud in the fashion is its strength. Placing a material such as titanium in the jaw provides a strong support for biting and chewing foods.

The primary function of dental implant surgery in Boyertown PA is to provide support for what is commonly referred to as a dental implant. This typically means a replacement tooth, and this is a great use of this technology. However, it can also serve as an anchor for other prosthetic devices such as bridges or partial dentures. A set of two or more anchors may be the best way to secure another common prosthetic, the denture.

Dentures function by sitting over the gum tissue. Unfortunately, this does not make them very stable unless the person wearing the device uses an adhesive. Most people really dislike this aspect of dentures because of the mess it can cause. By placing the studs properly, a dentist can avoid this concern because the dentures will be designed to secure directly to the stud.

One concern with dental implants, no matter what purpose they will serve, is the strength of the bone they will be anchored in. The dentist will need to determine if the bone density is high enough for an implant or whether the patient will need minor bone grafts to build up the jawbone. This may be required in adults because the loss of bone tissue is a common occurrence, especially with people that use dentures. To learn more about how an implant or prosthetic can improve oral health, contact an expert such as John F. Hyatt DDS P.C.

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