Doctors Performing Atlanta Pediatric Laser Frenectomy Are True Experts at the Procedure

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If babies are born either tongue-tied or lip-tied, don’t worry too much because a dentist or another type of doctor can repair the condition quickly. Called a frenectomy, the procedure isn’t that painful and can help the baby eat better when it’s done.

Pediatric dentists who offer Atlanta pediatric laser frenectomy are experts at the procedure, and they’ll have it done in a short period of time. Being tongue-tied is especially difficult on breastfed babies. Most dentists will do the procedure up to around nine months, but it is usually done much earlier.

Not Always as Serious as it Sounds

When a baby is tongue- or lip-tied, it’s not always as serious as it sounds. It simply means that there is a small piece of tissue that is connecting the tongue or the lip to the bottom of the mouth. Usually, the procedure involves a simple snip of that tissue in order to separate it from the mouth, and an Atlanta pediatric laser frenectomy, done by the experts is usually quick and simple, not to mention painless for the child.

Better Done Sooner and Not Later

While an Atlanta pediatric laser frenectomy isn’t a complex procedure, it can sometimes become more difficult to get done as the infant gets older. This is why most pediatric dentists want the procedure done shortly after birth. It is usually not a procedure that takes a while or causes any difficulties or problems, but the sooner you decide to get it done on your own infant, the less likely it is for complications to arise.

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