How to Calm Your Child While at The Pediatric Dentist in Tinley Park

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You have discussed the appointment in advance, and your child is still afraid to visit the pediatric dentist in Tinley Park. Fortunately, there are several ways to ease their fears during the appointment.

Offer Plenty of Reassurance

Start by offering plenty of reassurance before and during the appointment. Remind your child that you are right there and will not let anything bad happen to them. You also want to remind them that the dentist is not scary or mean and just wants to check their teeth.

Bring an Item For Comfort

Allow your child to bring something that makes them feel safe and comfortable, from a special hat or sweatshirt to their favorite stuffed animal. They may even want to bring a fidget toy to help ease their anxiety.

Provide a Little Distraction

It never hurts to provide a little distraction, especially in the waiting room. A tablet, handheld game, book, or travel game keeps them from stewing and worrying until it is their turn.

Use a Safety Signal

Come up with a safety signal to provide your child with an extra sense of security. Promise to ask the dentist to stop the minute they use the signal. Give them a few minutes to calm down before the dentist starts again. Remind them to use the signal for pain and severe fear or discomfort.

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