Is Invisalign in Medina OH The Right Choice For You?

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Invisalign in Medina OH is an alternative form of braces, which are designed with acrylic products instead of metal like traditional braces. The device consists of a personalized set of aligners which are custom created to fit each patient individually. An orthodontist produces a digital image of the patient’s teeth to create the braces.

This alternative is light-weight, transparent and provides the appearance that the patient is not wearing braces at all. The aligners within the devices apply pressure to the teeth to shift and straighten them painlessly. Unlike metal braces, they do not cause irritation due to metal brackets rubbing against the cheek and gums.

An orthodontist evaluates the needs of the patient to determine whether these braces are the right choice. Once he or she establishes that the patient is a viable candidate for this option an appointment is made to begin the creation process. The procedure requires one visit initially to fit the patient for these braces but additional visits are needed for adjustments.

Every two weeks the orthodontist evaluates the progress of the patient’s teeth. A new 3-D image is created to produce the next set of Invisalign in Medina OH. The patient continues to visit their preferred orthodontist bi-weekly for a brand-new set until teeth are completely straightened.

Invisalign in Medina OH is braces that are more versatile than traditional choices. They allow the patient to remove them to brush their teeth and to eat. The possibility of surface damage by the braces is eliminated with this option as they are not permanently affixed with a bonding agent. Traditional braces, however, are bonded to teeth and do not allow the patient to remove them.

This alternative to metal traces is best suited for individuals with under or overbites and gapped teeth. Patients with open or cross-bites or overly crowded teeth may also benefit from this selection. As progress is made with these braces, patients begin to notice an almost immediate change in their smile. Patients with overly crowded teeth receive a better chance of eliminating damage due to plague as Invisalign works at a more rapid rate than other options. For more information visit Papandreas Orthodontics.

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