Whiten Your Smile Through the Cosmetic Dentist in Salem OR

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Although everyone wants to have bright white teeth, many people suffer from stains that can cause their teeth to become dull and yellowed. Stains can occur because of the foods people eat, the aging process, and because of some types of medications. When stains occur, it is important they are dealt with promptly or they can lead to permanent stains that mar the smile. Though brushing can help to remove much of the stains that develop on the teeth, deep stains often need intervention through the Cosmetic Dentist in Salem OR. With the help of a dentist, a person can recover the beautifully white smile they long for.

To remove the deep stains on a person’s teeth, the dentist will need to treat them with a strong hydrogen peroxide treatment. The Cosmetic Dentist in Salem OR can use this type of treatment to remove stains that have become trapped in the dentin area and cannot be reached through routine brushing alone. The treatment is carried out in the dental office and is done in several steps to ensure the best results are achieved.

The Cosmetic Dentist in Salem OR will typically apply the hydrogen peroxide treatment and then use a light to enhance the whitening ability. This is crucial for getting the best results. With the added light, a person’s teeth can be made much lighter than with the hydrogen peroxide treatment alone so they can receive faster and more effective results.

Once the teeth have been lightened to the desired shade, the Cosmetic Dentist in Salem OR will polish them and then give the patient instructions on how to keep their smile white. Some dentists can offer patients at-home whitening treatments they can continue to use so their teeth can be made as white as possible.

If you are tired of seeing stained teeth when you look in the mirror, there is hope through the cosmetic dentist. For more information on teeth whitening treatments and how they are carried out, visit Sitename. Through this site, you can learn about the many dental services they offer so you can seek the dental care you need.

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