When is it Time to Call an Emergency Dentist in Keizer OR?

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Dentistry

When it comes to dental emergencies, there is no way to know when one will strike. Even when one does occur, many people are still confused regarding whether or not an Emergency Dentist in Keizer OR is needed. Some helpful information to determine if an emergency dentist is needed can be found here.

Signs of a Dental Emergency

There are quite a few situations that will require the services of an Emergency Dentist in Keizer OR. This can be someone who has woken up with a severe toothache, a chipped or fractured tooth or some other issue. When any of these issues arise, it is essential to call for dental care services immediately to keep the problem from becoming worse.

There are a number of signs that a dental emergency is present, which includes the following:

  • Abscesses

  • Broken or fractured teeth

  • Teeth that have become loose or that have been knocked out

  • Chipped teeth

  • Injuries on the gums or other tissues in the mouth

  • Pain that has no specific origin

Getting to the Dentist

Most dentists offer some type of emergency treatment or service. However, it is a good idea to figure out, for sure, whether or not the dentist that is used offers these services. There are some patients who will need immediate care and knowing that it is available is essential. In fact, it may be the difference between losing the tooth for good and saving it.

During the Visit

In most cases, a visit to an emergency dentist will include a quick look and evaluation of what is going on and then pain meds to relieve the immediate source of discomfort. The dentist may or may not provide the final services at the emergency appointment. In some cases, the patient will have to schedule another time to come in and have the area treated, once the immediate threat is fixed.

More information can be found by those who need these services if they browse this site. There is no way to know what a dentist may say, which is why seeking these services is so important. This will allow the pain to be treated and minimize the long-lasting effects of the dental issue.

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