What are Cosmetic Fillings in Tinley Park IL?

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Dental Care

A filling is a dental procedure that most people will have to undergo at some point in time. They are a type of treatment that can restore damaged teeth and treat tooth decay. The most common type of filling is the silver amalgam option. This is the standard filling, but there is another option – Cosmetic Fillings Tinley Park IL. These are used for aesthetic purposes and referred to as inlays and onlays.

What are Cosmetic Fillings?

The cosmetic fillings in Tinley Park, IL is essentially the same as a traditional filling; however, instead of using a silver colored material, white composite materials are used for the treatment of a decayed tooth. The material is inserted into the affected tooth and it will help to prevent the spread of further damages and decay.

Benefits of Having Cosmetic Fillings

The primary advantage offered by a silver amalgam filling is that they are extremely durable and that they can last for up to a decade or more. However, a cosmetic filling will be white and naturally blend in with a person’s teeth. When they are well-cared for, the cosmetic filling can last just as long as the traditional silver filling.

Disadvantages of the Cosmetic Fillings

While the silver amalgam is not used much anymore due to the mercury content that caused some concern, there are also some disadvantages of cosmetic fillings. One of the main concerns with this type of filling is that it can become loose or cracked and fall out of the tooth. This will require a new filling to be placed.

The Filling Process

Having a tooth filled is similar, regardless of the type of filling that is being placed. The decay is removed and then the selected material is put in its place. This will stop the decay and ensure that it does not return.

More information can be found on this type of filling by visiting the website. Take some time to find out why this service is so important and whether or not it is right for the situation. Be confident that this is the right procedure for the tooth and the situation.

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