When to Seek Emergency Dental Care in Athol

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A dental emergency, just the same as a medical emergency, can occur at any moment. Because of this, emergency dentists are available around-the-clock. Just as with a medical emergency, there are occasions when you should seek emergency dental care in Athol, and other times when you may wait to visit your regular dentist.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should get treatment from an emergency dentist rather than wait until the next day.

Broken Tooth

Most of us know that we should seek emergency dental treatment if a tooth is knocked out, but many are unaware that seeking emergency dental care in Athol for a fractured tooth is just as critical. Chips and cracks can usually be repaired at a routine appointment, but a fractured tooth is far more painful.

Filling Fell Out

While you may be unaware of it, fillings are lost or knocked loose consistently. The majority of individuals consider their fillings to be permanent, and as a result, they don’t give them any consideration.

If your filling is knocked out for whatever reason, you should seek emergency dental care from Athol Family Dentists as soon as possible. If you don’t get treatment right away, you might have more difficulties since the filling is no longer protecting the tooth.

Object Stuck Between Teeth

Many of us don’t consider getting anything wedged between two teeth a serious problem. If anything gets lodged between your teeth too far down, however, it can cause gum discomfort and inflammation. It can also cause bacterial buildup along the tooth’s surface, leading to illness.

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