The Truth About Dental Implants Patients Should Know

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Individuals who have decayed teeth needing to be extracted or who have missing teeth may be wondering how they can replace these teeth. One viable option is to consider dental implants near Lakeview dentists can place. Understanding the truth about dental implants can aid individuals in determining if this is the best option for their needs.

Dental implants are an invasive procedure

Dental implants have many different benefits and can aid individuals in meeting their smile enhancement goals. One of the facts to be aware of when considering dental implants near Lakeview dentists offer is that this is an invasive procedure. Patients seeking a less invasive tooth replacement option may be more interested in considering dentures. Dentures can be affixed to neighboring teeth which act as an anchor to hold the dentures in place. However dental implants require the placement of titanium fixtures which are implanted into the dental tissue. Prosthetic teeth are affixed to the titanium posts and result in an enhanced smile.

Dental implants can cause initial discomfort

When considering dental implants near Lakeview patients should be aware of the fact that in the beginning, they may experience some initial discomfort. This happens when the gum swells after the titanium posts have been placed. While the gum is healing, the patient may have discomfort around the area where the posts were positioned. However over time the swelling and discomfort will subside. Once the swelling has been reduced, the dentist can affix the prosthetic teeth to the titanium posts. This allows the individual to experience much better functionality with their teeth.

Dentures are a long term solution

Another fact about dental implants is that they are a long term solution to missing teeth. There is no need to remove the implants after some time as they are meant to last for many years. Patients seeking a long term replacement would do well to set up a consultation with a dental implants near Lakeview dentist. If someone is seeking a more temporary and removable option for replacing missing teeth, bridges or dentures may be a better alternative. Understanding these main facts about dental implants can help individuals to decide if this dental treatment option is right for them.

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