What Should a Patient Do After a Tooth Extraction in Westbury, NY?

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After deciding it is impossible to save a tooth, the only practical solution is to remove it. Along with the preparation for the tooth extraction in Westbury NY, it pays for the patient to know what to do once the procedure is complete. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind.

Take It Easy For the Rest of the Day

The hours after a Tooth Extraction in Westbury NY, should not be viewed as an opportunity to continue on as if nothing occurred. Instead, arrange the remainder of the day so that it is easy to rest. Until bedtime, feel free to curl up in a comfortable chair and watch some television, listen to music, or read a book. While resting, make sure to keep the head elevated. That will help slow the bleeding and expedite the clotting that needs to take place in the now vacant socket.

No Tobacco or Alcohol

For the rest of the day, and possibly a couple more days, avoid the tobacco and the alcohol. Both can irritate the sensitive gum tissue and create a lot of unnecessary pain. The dentist can provide guidelines for how long to wait before lighting up or enjoying a glass of wine.

Soft Foods at Room Temperature Only

There are several reasons why soft food that is at room temperature is better for the hours following the extraction. One has to do with the anesthetic used for the procedure. Until it wears off, it would be easy to consume something that is hot enough to cause damage to the mouth. The other is focused on not irritating the tissue in and around the socket. If chewing is necessary, do it on the other side of the mouth.

Keep It Clean

It will be fine to brush later in the day. Wait until the feeling returns, and be careful when brushing near the socket. Along with brushing, a solution of warm water and salt will be fine for rinsing. The salt will help cleanse the area and reduce the potential for infection.

For anyone who thinks the time is coming to let go of a tooth, Visit website today and set up an appointment. Rest assured that the team will provide a complete list of what to do in the hours and days following the extraction.

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