Hide Ugly Teeth Problems Using Dental Veneers in Beaumont TX

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There are various problems that teeth can endure that are not related to physical damage. For example, slightly crooked teeth can be very unsightly. The most common way to fix this problem uses either braces or retainers. These are bulky appliances secured around the teeth and used to pull them in a particular direction. While this particular method of moving teeth is quite functional, it also makes the person wearing it a bit self-conscious. One alternative, for cases where the teeth are only slightly out of place, is Dental Veneers in Beaumont TX.

A dental veneer is a thin porcelain shell placed over the remaining teeth. The shell is typically custom created to fit the patient and porcelain is chosen for its strength. Veneers in Beaumont are the method of choice when the oral problem is more cosmetic than physical. The previously mentioned concern with crooked teeth may be reparable using veneers. The dentist will simply need to design the veneer so that it covers all the teeth properly. This works for crooked teeth because the visible portion of the veneer hides any overlapping areas.

Another area where Dental Veneers in Beaumont TX come in handy is hiding ugly stains. The most common method for cleaning stains is dental whitening. A simple procedure that makes use of peroxide as the whitening agent. Unfortunately, there are times when this cleaning method fails and the dentist must select another option. Of course, they could attempt to bond the teeth, but this could get tedious if a lot of stained teeth are involved. Veneers avoid this problem because they cover any visible portion of the teeth.

Veneers also eliminate gaps in the teeth, hide chips or breaks and fix various other concerns. Another alternative is a dental implant. Implants procedures are a long term solution for various oral repairs that require some effort to put into place. However, the end results are great looking teeth and a winning smile. If the patient is in a hurry, then it may be possible to accommodate them as well. Today’s dental implants are usually placed within a day or two and require very little filing or shaping. To learn about dental veneers or other solutions, click here for more info.

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