The Dentist in Providence RI Can Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Dentistry

Those who long for a more beautiful smile are often unhappy with their appearance simply because their teeth are badly stained. Staining occurs naturally a person ages and can occur because of the foods and beverages one consumes. As a person grows older, the pores in their teeth begin to enlarge which leads to increased staining. Although brushing and proper oral care can help, these often do not fully remove the stains. Through the Dentist in Providence RI, stains can be removed with teeth whitening treatments which can give a person a dazzling white smile.

When a person wants to have their teeth whitened, they will need to first have their teeth cleaned by the dentist. Cleaning the teeth removes all of the biofilm, tartar, and plaque which can prevent the teeth whitener from properly being absorbed into the teeth. Without proper cleaning, the patient will likely receive lackluster results.

Once the teeth have been prepared for whitening, the treatment process can begin. To treat the teeth, the dentist will coat the teeth with the hydrogen peroxide solution that will be used to remove the deepest of stains. This solution penetrates into the deep layers where the dentin lies. Unfortunately, the dentin area cannot be treated through brushing alone, so these treatments are needed for proper whitening.

The average person will need a few treatments to get the final results they are hoping for. These are done in the dental office, and then the dentist can give at-home protocol treatments so the patient can continue to whiten their teeth at home. These at-home treatments help to keep the teeth as white as possible between their dental whitening treatments.

The Dentist in Providence RI can help a person to achieve the beautifully white smile they have always wanted. A brighter smile can make a person feel more attractive and can disguise many minor cosmetic dental concerns.

If you are interested in having teeth whitening carried out, visit Website. Through this site, you can learn more about your whitening options so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this treatment is for you. Call the office right away for your appointment.

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