What Can a Person Expect From Oral Surgery in Bayville NJ?

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Dental Care

When a person is in need of oral surgery, it is important they are properly prepared for the procedure. The dentist will give instructions for a patient to follow. For their health and the safety and effectiveness of the surgery, it is crucial these are followed. With this information, people can be better prepared for Oral Surgery in Bayville NJ so it goes smoothly. Since most oral surgeries are carried out in the office, patients can typically go home to recover after it is over.

  • It is important a person asks their surgeon about the medications they take. Certain medications can cause excessive bruising and bleeding during and after surgery. The surgeon will inform the patient of which medications are safe to take on the day of surgery and which ones should be avoided to be sure the surgery is safe.
  • Those who have small children should plan on seeking childcare for twenty-fours after their procedure. It is especially important if a person will be given general anesthesia since this can make them sleepy. Trying to care for a small child and oneself can be difficult when recovering from oral surgery.
  • The patient will need to make sure they have someone to drive them to and from the office. Anesthesia can make a person feel dizzy and cause their reaction times to be reduced. It can be dangerous for a person to drive or operate heavy equipment in this state.
  • It is important a person does not eat or drink after midnight on the evening before their surgery. Anesthesia can sometimes cause a person to feel nauseated, especially if they have any food in their stomach.
  • The patient needs to be prepared to follow all aftercare instructions so they can heal properly after their Oral Surgery in Bayville NJ. Proper aftercare can ensure the healing process proceeds without issue.

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