Understanding the Importance of Children’s Dentistry in Omaha NE

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While the vast majority of people know the importance of taking their child to the dentist, many do not understand the full implications of inadequate dental care. Studies have shown children who see the dentist twice a year are less likely to develop oral health conditions that can cause cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. If a child’s oral health is not protected, this can impact their adult teeth for the rest of their life. Through childrens dentistry in Omaha NE, parents can rest assured their child’s oral health will be fully protected so they can have a healthy, beautiful smile.

The health of a child’s adult teeth is in direct correlation with the health of their baby teeth. If a child’s oral health is not protected, they will end up having problems with their adult teeth before they even begin to erupt through the gum tissue. Some children end up having such a level of decay present their adult teeth erupt in a rotten state. This can lead to massive tooth loss and the need for dentures at an early age.

When a child sees the dentist, they first have their teeth carefully cleaned. Teeth cleaning is especially important during the younger years when children may not be brushing as effectively as they should be. This treatment removes plaque and tartar which can affect the health of the teeth and lead to decay. The hygienist also checks the child’s oral health to ensure there are no oral health concerns present. This initial examination is meant to inform the dentist of any problems that need to be checked.

If the child is over the age of five, the dentist will have X-rays taken of the child’s teeth to ensure there are no hidden cavities or signs of other oral health concerns. When X-rays are coupled with a thorough examination, parents can rest assured their child’s oral health will be protected.

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