How a Dentist Office in Katy Can Help People Decide on Which Brush to Use

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Patients often ask their Dentist Office Katy what brush is more effective, a manual or electric one. Although the people who ask this question is formulated as an eternal dilemma, the truth is that the answer is very simple: the two methods are equally effective, as long as the people make good use of it. Brushing your teeth requires time and dedication, it is not just putting toothpaste in the mouth toothpaste. It is true that in recent years electric toothbrushes have gained fame and reputation among the population, especially due to the large amount of advertising that appears every day on billboards and television ads, among others. However, despite the abundant promoting of electric brushes, manual toothbrushes remain equally effective if used properly.

Many people do not take the time out of their daily lives to ensure proper brushing habits and techniques. For instance, brushing your teeth for 20 seconds a day will not do anything for you. Mouthwash may kill bacteria, but it will not destroy plaque and tartar on a large scale. Flossing is great, however, flossing alone removes just 30 percent of food particles. All three must be done daily while brushing for at least two minutes.

Patients should know that a good brushing technique involves moving the brush head thoroughly throughout the mouth, cleaning all ends of the teeth and molars. Proper brushing is not synonymous with strength, though. Many people understand that scrubbing is the only way to remove dirt and grime, but it is quite the opposite when it comes to the teeth and gums. Scrubbing will damage the gums, causing people pain and discomfort and could even cause bleeding, something that results in the emergence of other diseases of the mouth.

To brush teeth properly, a person gently brush with rotating movements. No matter if done manually or electrically, proper care must be made. Both options are fully valid and just as good as long as they are performing the task well. What each dentist office in Katy will tell people is that they must avoid is brushing their teeth quickly and aggressively. Contact Gentle Dental Care to learn more.

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