Endodontics Procedures: What to Know About a Root Canal Treatment

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Sometimes, non-surgical procedures alone cannot save a severely infected tooth, and the dentist may recommend surgery. Endodontic surgeries are used to identify hidden canals or small fractures that cannot be detected on X-rays. Surgery may also be required to treat damaged root surfaces or remove calcium deposits in root canals. There are numerous endodontic treatments that can be done to save a tooth. One of the most common endodontics procedures is the root canal treatment. A root canal treatment involves removing the pulp inside the tooth and replacing it with a filling. Here are important details to know before undergoing a root canal procedure.

When is a root canal procedure necessary?
A root canal procedure is recommended when there is a severe infection in the tooth. The infection causes bacteria to penetrate into the roots of the tooth creating unbearable pain. An endodontist can also recommend a root canal treatment when the infected tooth is in a noticeable area, such that removing it could affect the appearance of a patient.

What happens during a root canal treatment performed?
During a root canal procedure, the endodontist will first numb the mouth with an anesthesia and then isolate the infected tooth from the others using a thin piece of smooth rubber. The endodontist will then wait a few minutes before using a drill to reach the pulp of the tooth. After accessing the tooth nerves, the endodontist will inject antibiotics to promote the healing of any infection, and then add a permanent filing to the area that has drilled out.

How long does a root canal treatment take?
In most cases, a root canal treatment is performed in only a single sitting; however, more appointments may be needed depending on nature of the infection. It is imperative to visit an endodontist who uses advanced dental instruments to make the process smooth and efficient.
These are some of the important details to know about root canal treatment. To get satisfactory results, it is essential to visit a dentist who is experienced in the different areas of endodontics. For more information about endodontic services, please visit website.

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