Tips When Choosing an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL to Perform Implantology

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Dental implants allow an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL to provide natural-looking replacement teeth to patients who have lost one or more of their own. If you are considering dental implants, choosing a qualified dental specialist will help ensure the quality of treatment received. The information provided below is designed to assist in the investigation and selection of a qualified specialist or surgeon. Although licensed dentists can place and restore dental implants, the following guidelines can help you select a qualified professional specialist in dental implants:

To avoid a dentist less experienced in implantology, look for a provider that is widely engaged in placing dental implants. The more postdoctoral training a dentist has had, the better the attention he or she will probably provide. Review the education and training of the specialist you are considering too. If possible, find a dentist who has completed a graduate program in prosthodontics. To get an idea of the kind of results you might want, ask the dentist for before and after photos of previous patients.

Do you need an oral surgeon? An Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL specializes in treating diseases of the mouth and jaw, which may require surgery. If a person has very damaged teeth or if they have lost teeth and are considering dental implants, the dentist may refer the patient to an oral surgeon to determine if dental implants should be used. Usually, patients with good oral health and adequate bone in their jaws are good candidates for dental implants.

If a patient is considered eligible to receive implants but their dentist cannot perform the procedure, he or she will refer the patient to an oral surgeon who will perform this part of the treatment. During the procedure, the surgeon will carefully create a place for the implants. Subsequently, he or she will insert the implants. Once the implants are fully integrated into the jawbone, which usually takes three to six months, the oral surgeon will place pillars inside the implants to act as support structures. Your dentist or prosthodontist will then create restorations to place on top of the pillars. Browse the Site to learn more about the steps involved in dental implant surgery.

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