FAQs About Cosmetic Procedures Provided By A Dentist In Providence, RI

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In Rhode Island, dental patients undergo cosmetic treatments to improve their smile. Select procedures also provide correction of damage, loss of function, and alignment. The following are FAQs about cosmetic procedures provided by a dentist in Providence RI.

What Portion of Cosmetic Services is Covered Under Dental Insurance?

Typically, dental insurance doesn’t cover most cosmetic dental services. However, any service that has a dual role as a restoration method is allowed. Any service that is medically necessary to restore function is covered under dental insurance. These services acquire fifty percent coverage through dental insurance.

What is a Smile Analysis?

A smile analysis consists of x-rays and 3-D imaging of the teeth. The dentist identifies areas in which damage has occurred or is otherwise hindering aesthetically. The dentist provides the patient with a full assessment of how to make their smile more attractive. They provide a complete price list for all recommended cosmetic services based on the analysis.

What Should Patients Know Before a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Any patient undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction needs someone to drive them home. The procedure requires sedation, and the patient is at risk if they drive after the procedure. The duration of the procedure depends on if the tooth is impacted. The dentist provides both antibiotics and pain medications after the procedure. The healing process takes roughly a week, during which the patient must follow all aftercare instructions.

How Does a Dentist Choose the Right Restoration Method?

First, they begin by contacting the dental insurance provider. They identify how much each recommended procedure will cost. They explain the pros and cons of these procedures. While the dentist makes recommendations based on their knowledge, the choice isn’t up to them. Ultimately, the patient’s preferences and budgetary constraints define what method is chosen.

In Rhode Island, cosmetic procedures provide more than aesthetic appeal. They correct damage in more beneficial ways than traditional measures. They offer the patient a whole new lease on life after missing teeth are replaced. They also increase the patient’s self-confidence by restoring their speech and ability to chew properly. Patients who need these services from a Dentist in Providence RI contact Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates today.

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