Three Reasons Why Dentists Need To Perform Teeth Extractions In Del City OK

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Most of the time, dentists prefer that individuals keep their natural teeth if at all possible. However, sometimes it’s necessary for individuals to have one or more teeth pulled. Read the information below to learn when it’s necessary to have a dentist perform Teeth Extractions in Del City OK.

Infected Tooth

When the inside portion of a tooth, which is called the pulp, becomes infected a dentist will often perform a root canal procedure. During this procedure, the infection is removed from the tooth and an alternate material is placed inside the tooth. If the root canal procedure doesn’t solve the problem or if the infection has become too serious, the dentist will need to extract the tooth.

An infection that becomes critical can enter the bloodstream and cause major health issues. Individuals who have a weakened immune system are especially prone to developing complications from an infected tooth.

Crowded Teeth

Some individuals are born with teeth that are too large for their mouth and when the permanent teeth begin to erupt, they’re out of alignment. In addition to aesthetic issues, individuals may also have problems chewing their food.

A dentist can extract one or more teeth so the permanent teeth can erupt in the proper space. After the extractions heal, a dentist may then recommend braces for their patients so their teeth will be straight.

Damaged Tooth

When individuals have severe trauma to their mouth, they may knock a tooth loose or out of position. If possible, a dentist will try to save the tooth by cementing it back into place. If this procedure isn’t viable or if it fails, then the dentist will need to extract the damaged tooth.

Dentists who perform Teeth Extractions in Del City OK can also pull out every tooth a person has before they get full dentures. Individuals who need partial dentures will only need to have certain teeth extracted before they’re fitted for their mouth appliance.

Individuals in Del City who need to have a tooth extracted can contact Sunnylane Family Dentistry. This dental clinic also provides additional dentistry services for the entire family including cleanings, fillings, crowns, teeth whitening and bonding. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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