Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns In Wyomissing Pennsylvania

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Many individuals who want to have a cosmetic dental procedure to improve their teeth’s appearance opt for dental crowns. These tooth caps cover up many imperfections of the teeth and that’s one of the reasons why they’re so popular with dental patients. Individuals who are considering a cosmetic dental procedure should read the frequently asked questions below to learn additional information about Dental Crowns in Wyomissing Pennsylvania.

What type of material is a dental crown made out of and why do patients need them?

Dental crowns are fabricated out of a variety of materials including porcelain, ceramic, glass and resin. The price of the crown depends on the type of material that an individual chooses. Patients have crowns put on their teeth to cover up chips, discoloration and irregularities.

Crowns are also used when a dentist fabricates a bridge to replace a missing tooth. Crowns are placed on both sides of the fake tooth to secure the bridge. Individuals who have dental implants will also have crowns attached to the implants.

What type of procedure is required for a dental crown placement?

Before individuals have a dental crown placed on their tooth, the dentist will shape the tooth for the placement of the crown. After this step is completed, the dentist will use a special dental paste to make an impression of the teeth that are adjacent to the tooth that will receive the crown.

The impression is sent to a laboratory where the dental crown is fabricated. When the crown is complete, the dentist will adhere the crown to the shaped tooth by using dental cement.

Do individuals have to take special care of their dental crowns?

After a dentist who specializes in Dental Crowns in Wyomissing Pennsylvania places a crown on an individual’s tooth, it functions the same as a natural tooth. Individuals should also take care of their crown in the same way they take care of their natural teeth. This includes brushing the crown with toothpaste and a toothbrush, and using dental floss.

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