Emergency Dentist In Parramatta

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Accidents happen, and they can do so at any time of the day or night. In some cases, oral injuries require immediate attention while at other times, treatment can be delayed until the dentist’s office is open. Fortunately, dental emergencies do not occur every day, but you should know when to contact an emergency dentist in Parramatta.

A tooth can be cracked, broken, or completely dislodged. This can occur when playing contact sports, but it can also happen by biting on a hard piece of food or falling. A minor chip or surface crack rarely would require immediate attention. However, if the tooth were broken off or knocked out, emergency care is needed.

Accidental damage to a tooth is not the only reason you may have to contact an emergency dentist in Parramatta. You may be suffering from excruciating pain caused by severe decay or perhaps an abscess. Regardless of the reason, if you believe that your problem classifies as a dental emergency, call your dentist immediately. Dentists are well aware that emergencies do crop up and as such, they usually leave time during the day to fit an emergency patient in. Even if the problem happens after normal business hours, call your dentist. Chances are, there will be instructions on the answering machine, telling what action to take.

No Gaps Dental has 13 locations in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. The team of over 35 dentists, professional support staff, and office personnel, are all supported by the most advanced dental equipment. All locations offer a wide range of dental services, and patients of all ages are welcome. Each office location is close to public transport, and all are fully staffed six days a week. If you or a member of your family is a patient at any of the locations, your dental records can be accessed from any other office. In this way, should you require an emergency dentist in Parramatta, the dentist is aware of your dental history.

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