The Advantages of Professional Dental Bleaching in Waterford, CT

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Depending on your habits, your teeth will sometimes look stained and dull. However, you can whiten them at home with over-the-counter products to help them look brighter. While many of these products can help reduce the appearance of stains, professional bleaching can help remove stains from the enamel of your teeth.

Whitening or Bleaching?

When it comes to getting stains off your teeth, you may wonder what the difference is between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. Although most people, including dentists, use the term interchangeably, there is a difference between teeth whitening and dental bleaching in Waterford, CT. According to the Federal Drug Administration, teeth whitening means to restore teeth to their natural color, but bleaching refers to whitening teeth beyond their true color until they look whiter than normal.

The Advantage of Professional Bleaching

Whether it is done at home or at a dentist’s office, dental bleaching usually involves adding a bleaching agent to dental trays and applying them to your teeth for a certain length of time. The main advantage of professional bleaching is the ability to customize the dental tray to your teeth so it fits better, allowing your teeth to be properly treated. To get more information on bleaching your teeth, go online and visit site.

Another advantage to professional dental bleaching is that it isn’t as harsh on your teeth. Over-the-counter whitening agents can be abrasive and cause damage to teeth if used incorrectly or too often. Whitening toothpastes and gels have abrasive agents to scrub away stains, but if used too often, they can damage enamel. In addition, the bleaching agents are usually much weaker than professional products, so the results don’t last as long.

If you are considering bleaching your teeth, consult with your dentist about having your teeth professionally bleached. While it costs more than over-the-counter whiteners, it will last longer and preserve your teeth better.

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