Perhaps A Dental Extraction Can Be Avoided

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Although a dentist is not usually in favor of removing a tooth there are reasons why dental extractions in Chicago are carried out. The dentist will try to repair a tooth that has been broken or decayed by filling it or placing a dental crown, however, if the damage is such that there is no other solution, the dentist will have to extract it. There are other reasons why dental extractions in Chicago are needed:

   * Some people have more teeth than normal
   * Baby teeth often don’t fall out by themselves and block the permanent teeth from coming in
   * At times, teeth have to be extracted prior to the fitting of corrective braces
   * Wisdom teeth are usually extracted either before they emerge or shortly thereafter

These are examples of when teeth must be removed; in other cases a dentist has other alternatives to extraction.

Root canal therapy:

A badly damaged tooth, either as a result of trauma or decay can become infected. The center of a tooth contains the pulp chamber which in turn houses blood vessels and nerves. If this area does become infected the dentist can remove the pulp along with the nerves, blood vessels and infection. The canal that remains is then filled and the tooth is capped, thus saving the tooth.


A grossly decayed tooth may require a cap or crown to retain the structural integrity of the tooth. A crown strengthens the tooth as well as improving its appearance. In the event the affected tooth is visible the dentist can fit a crown that is color matched to the rest of your teeth.


If there are one or more teeth that are badly stained, chipped, cracked or broken but otherwise are ok, dental extractions in Chicago can be avoided by placing a thin porcelain veneer on the exposed surface of the tooth.

If all else fails and the tooth must be extracted the ideal solution is a dental implant, a replacement root which supports a crown. The end result is a tooth that looks, feels and performs the same as the natural tooth it replaces.

Dental extractions in Chicago are sometimes the only solution available to the dentist. If you have a tooth that has been damaged or is decayed the dentists at Chicago Smile Design may be able to save it.

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