Reviewing Options Through General Dentistry In Sylvania, Ohio

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In Ohio, dental professionals provide their patients with recommendations for maintaining their oral health. These recommendations include complete assessments, cleanings, and restorative measures. Through General Dentistry Sylvania Ohio, all local patients acquire these recommended services to prevent tooth loss and gum disease.

The Importance of Annual Exams

Annual examinations are vital for maintaining oral health. During the dental visit, the dentist acquires x-rays of the patient’s teeth. These x-rays provide them with details about the current condition of the patient’s teeth. The dentist performs a review of the patient’s teeth to determine if any adverse conditions exist. Any conditions discovered are managed through routine dental services.

Cleaning Services for Patients

Cleaning services are performed at least twice annually. The procedures consist of the removal of all bacteria, plaque, and other harmful substances. The hygienist cleans all teeth and the gums completely. They apply a polish onto the teeth to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Repairing Common Conditions

Services provided through general dentistry in Sylvania Ohio are used to repair common conditions. Cavities are among these conditions. The dentist uses a composite resin to fill in the cavity after all decay is removed from the affected tooth. They use an ultraviolet light to cure the resin and provide adequate protection for the tooth.

Chips and breaks are repaired through dental bonding options. These services are provided to reconstruct the damaged tooth. The dentist applies porcelain onto the tooth and cures it with the ultraviolet lamp. The dentist reshapes the materials as needed to recreate the natural tooth.

Correcting Alignment Complexities

Braces are provided to correct alignment complexities. The patient has access to a variety of braces based on the severity of their alignment issue. These braces include ceramic, metal, and Invisalign products.

In Ohio, dental professionals offer routine services to reduce the risk of tooth loss and periodontal disease. They offer annual examinations, cleanings, and repair services. To repair teeth, they use composite fillings, dental bonding, and more complex devices such as crowns. Patients who need services available through General Dentistry Sylvania Ohio should contact Kozy Paul S DDS & Associates for more information or to schedule an appointment now.

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