The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening In Elk Grove Village

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Dentistry

The main benefit of opting for professional teeth whitening in Elk Grove Village instead of trying the numerous over the counter options that are out there, is safety.  A lot of people do not understand the difference between over the counter and professional whitening.  Professional whitening is the superior choice in all cases. It is the single best way to brighten your smile.

The Difference Between Over the Counter and Professional Whitening

The difference is clear when it comes to results. You cannot get the whitening results with over the counter options that you can get with professional dental whitening. OTC remedies for teeth whitening do not have the same level of effectiveness as professional whitening, no matter how much you use it you will not get the same results. Other differences include:

Safety of the treatment-OTC options can cause irreversible damage to your teeth

Cost effectiveness- you can spend quite a bit on OTC treatments and not get the results that you do with professional whitening

Your Dentist Can Help

If you want to take years off your smile, get rid of food stains and have a brilliant smile a dentist that offers whitening procedures can help you to get the smile that you deserve. A dentist will ensure not only that you get a look that you love but will also ensure the safety and health of your teeth. OTC whitening solutions cannot guarantee either. If you are tired of your teeth looking dingy and you want to be able to put your best smile out there, then visit Brian Homann DDS. You will leave the office feeling completely confident in the care and knowing that you are taking the steps to give you a great smile that you can be proud of. Contact Brian Homann DDS and also follow us on Twitter.

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