Dental Implants In Wyong: Why Consider

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No one wants to lose a tooth, but when that happens, you do have multiple options available. Some choose to get dentures or bridges because they think they will be less expensive and easier to handle. However, dental implants in Wyong could be the best choice.

The implant is a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw bone. The bone will fuse to the post, ensuring that it is a permanent fixture in the mouth. Once it is all healed and ready, a crown is put on top of the restoration so that it looks and functions like a healthy tooth. They’re highly durable and long-lasting as long as you care for them like the rest of your teeth.

Dental implants in Wyong offer many advantages over bridges and dentures. An implanted faux tooth will have the same strength and power as natural teeth. Also, the surrounding teeth will not need to be ground down and weakened, which happens with a bridge. Plus, no metal pieces will be attached to other teeth as with partial dentures. Similarly, you will not have to get all of your teeth removed to have an implant, as you would with a full set of dentures when the rest of your teeth are whole.

At Coastal Dental, they focus on providing a variety of services to benefit you and your whole family. You’ll find that preventative care is always best, but they realise that some circumstances are beyond your control. Similarly, if you’ve put off oral care and visiting a dentist, you may find that cosmetic and restorative options are necessary and can help you lead a normal and comfortable life once more. Dental implants in Wyong are the perfect solution for those who have lost teeth and don’t want the embarrassment of dentures.

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