Things to Understand Concerning Teeth Whitening in Waikiki

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There are plenty of possible causes of extrinsic tooth discoloration. As teeth discolor due to external factors, dentists speak of extrinsic tooth discoloration or a color change of the tooth’s surface. Because of this, plenty of people may consider Teeth Whitening in Waikiki.

Causes of tooth discoloration

The possible causes of tooth discoloration include:

• Smoking

• Nutrition. For example, coffee, tea, and red wine can leave a discolored layer on the tooth’s enamel. In addition, teeth may discolor due to natural food dyes (such as caramel and beet juice) and synthetic dyes (in finished products and sweets), but also sugars and acids (as in soft drinks, citrus fruits, and vinegar).

• Fluorides are found in some toothpaste. In combination with salivary proteins, this can lead to a dark metallic tooth discoloration.

• Chlorhexidine mouthwash is a disinfectant mouthwash that can cause the teeth and molars to turn brownish.

How can people keep their teeth as white as possible?

Bright white teeth or slightly less white teeth: whatever tooth color a person was born with, there are often many ways to preserve your teeth ‘s natural whiteness and luster for as long as possible. Here are some basic rules to consider before opting for Teeth Whitening in Waikiki:

• Brush your teeth twice a day for about 5 minutes. Use a gentle toothbrush with a small head to make the most out of every cleaning. People who think that cleaning their teeth with an electric toothbrush is better, well, it’s not. However, it is often a bit easier as this tool will help them to reduce their efforts. Never use the brush for more than 3 months, meaning change out the head like you would the entire brush.

• Use a toothpaste with fluoride. This helps to strengthen the enamel, making it prone to acidity.

• Always pay attention to the gums during cleaning. Gently rub the gums with the toothbrush while brushing.

• Use dental floss daily to clean the interdental spaces and use mouthwash daily. This prevents dental plaque and bad breath.

It is also important to visit a dentist twice a year. This removes possibly formed tartar, which helps the teeth become a little whiter. Pay attention to your eating habits and refrain from substances that discolor the teeth.

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