Your Smile Can Be Dramatically Improved Through Cosmetic Dentistry in DC

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Beautiful smiles require living a healthy lifestyle and seeing the dentist on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not everyone has a beautiful smile. There are many cosmetic concerns that can arise and cause a person to be unhappy with the way their teeth look. Thankfully, the dentist has solutions that can help. These solutions allow a person to have their teeth perfected so they can smile with confidence. With Cosmetic Dentistry in DC, lives can be changed.

There is a cosmetic dental solution for just about every issue a person has with their teeth. One of the most common reasons people seek this treatment is because they are not happy with the shade of their teeth. Stains can build up because of the foods people eat and the beverages they drink. Some medications and health conditions can also cause changes in the teeth color. With teeth whitening treatments, a person’s teeth can be made much whiter for a beautiful smile.

When a person is missing one or more teeth, it can cause them to feel embarrassed about their smile, especially if they are missing teeth in the front. With Cosmetic Dentistry in DC, a person can have their teeth replaced so they can feel fully confident in their smile and can regain their full and normal level of function. This procedure is done in stages with the first part being surgery.

When multiple cosmetic issues are present, the dentist can offer dental veneers. These veneers are crafted from thin pieces of porcelain that are shaped to look just like natural teeth. Once they are in place, they completely cover the front surface of the teeth so any cosmetic issues are disguised. This cosmetic treatment is quickly becoming one of the most popular because it truly makes a big difference in the appearance of the smile.

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