What to Expect from Professional Teeth Whitening in Alexandria VA

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No one is immune from tooth discoloration. Everything you put into your mouth has the potential of causing tooth staining. While brushing twice a day does remove many of the surface stains, it doesn’t get below the tooth enamel. The only way to restore your teeth to their natural color is with professional Teeth Whitening in Alexandria VA. Having your teeth whitening by a dentist is a quick, painless procedure that will make your teeth instantly brighter.

Dentists have been whitening teeth for decades, but in recent years, many whitening products have been popping up at the drugstore. While these products are somewhat effective, they do not give the same results you get from a dental clinic. Over-the-counter whitening solutions may share similar ingredients to those used by the dentist, but they are much less potent. The only way to get your teeth up to 10 times brighter in a single treatment is by scheduling an appointment with your local dentist.

When you visit your dentist for Teeth Whitening in Alexandria VA, expect for the appointment to last at least an hour. The dentist will paint a layer of whitening solution all over your teeth. The gum tissue will protected from the solution with a dental dam. Most dentists use a blue light to activate the solution and accelerate the whitening process. After the solution has been on your teeth the designated amount of time, it will be rinsed away. Most patients can expect their teeth to be several shades whiter than when they arrived.

After whitening treatment, the results can be maintained at home with regular brushing and flossing. It is best to brush after every meal to prevent staining. Many dentists also prepare additional whitening solution for the patients to use at home. Avoiding dark beverages, such as coffee and tea, may also reduce the risk of tooth discoloration in the future.

If you desire a brighter smile, a professional whitening treatment will give you the best results. Be sure to browse this site to see other treatments that may restore your smile. It only takes a single appointment to erase years of staining from your teeth.

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