Working With Your Dentist to Get a Winning Smile With Gorgeous Teeth

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Dental

Few things are more noticeable when it comes to your appearance than your smile. If you want to improve your smile by ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy and straightening your teeth, it’s important to work with a quality dental team that offers Invisalign in Yorktown Heights, NY, that can get the job done.

How Invisalign Works

When you decide that you want to straighten your teeth using this method, you’ll need to consult with the dentist to determine what your goals are when it comes to your smile. The dentist will examine your mouth and take 3D scans of your teeth to determine how to create your aligners. The aligners are made from medical-grade plastic, and you’ll wear them for a week or two before changing to another set of aligners that fits a little tighter on the teeth. Over the span of a few months or a year, you’ll see that your teeth are straightening and your smile looks better. You’ll have to continue checking in with your dentist to chart the progress of your teeth.

Other Dental Procedures

In addition to Invisalign, the dentist will also clean your teeth professionally to remove plaque and other toxins that can affect your gums and teeth. There are also additional cosmetic services available at the dentist’s office, including Zoom whitening, which is an in-office treatment that uses powerful whitening ingredients to get rid of stubborn stains in your teeth. Once your teeth start to straighten, you can make your smile even more attractive by ensuring that your teeth are white and healthy. This form of whitening is also ideal if you need to get stains from beverages like wine and coffee from your teeth.

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