What Can Patients Expect From Surgery for Their Wisdom Teeth in Summit, NJ?

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When a person’s wisdom teeth begin to come in, they can experience major problems. Wisdom teeth do not come in until the late teens the to early twenties. Sometimes, there is simply not enough room to accommodate the teeth. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth get stuck and cannot break through. When problems arise with Wisdom Teeth in Summit, NJ, surgery is sometimes needed.

What Can Patients Expect From Surgery?

When there are problems with a person’s Wisdom Teeth in Summit, NJ, the dentist will generally recommend surgical removal. This procedure is done in the surgeon’s office, and the patient goes home to recuperate If all four wisdom teeth are being removed, the patient will likely be placed under general anesthesia to ensure they feel no discomfort during their procedure.

If the wisdom teeth have not been able to cut through the gum tissue, the surgeon will need to make small incisions to gain access to the teeth. These wounds will be closed with dissolvable stitches to ensure they do not have to be removed in a separate procedure. The stitches will simply be dissolved over time, usually within a week.

Most people do not experience any major discomfort after their procedure, though the mouth will be sore. It is imperative individuals follow the instructions of their surgeon to ensure healing takes place as it should. It is important patients avoid sucking through a straw or spitting since this could cause their clots to become dislodged and they could develop a dry socket.

How to Get Started

If the individual has experienced wisdom teeth problems, they will need to schedule a consultation appointment with the dental surgeon. The surgeon will take X-rays and determine the best surgical approach to safely removing the wisdom teeth. The procedure is done in under an hour, and the patient will then need to go home to rest.

If you are dealing with wisdom teeth problems, contact Westfield Oral Surgery. They will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment so you can get started on the process. With wisdom tooth removal, your oral health will be protected, and you will no longer have to worry about pain.

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