Why Laser Gum Surgery in Los Angeles Is So Important for Oral Health

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When the dentist tells you that you may need to undergo laser surgery on your gums to restore their health, it probably does not set your mind at ease. However, there are many benefits that you can receive by undergoing laser gum surgery in Los Angeles, CA.


For one thing, a laser is the ultimate in precision, even more so than the scalpel of a trained surgeon. What this ultimately means for you is that only damaged tissue is removed while any surrounding healthy tissue is left as is. It also means that the removed tissue is able to grow back in a healthy fashion.

Less Blood

When it comes to laser surgery, there is definitely a minimal amount of bleeding involved simply because there are no tools or equipment piercing the skin. With no invasive surgery, this also means there is no suturing needed after the fact.

Quicker Healing

When it comes to laser gum surgery in Los Angeles, CA, the healing time that you encounter is much quicker than that of traditional gum surgery. Again, the main reason for this is that lasers are minimally invasive so there is overall less surgery from which to recover.

Covered By Insurance

Even though laser surgery is cutting-edge technology, it should still be covered by most forms of dental insurance. This makes it a great and affordable option for those who need the treatment performed by an oral surgeon.

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