Why Dental Implants In Augusta GA Are Chosen Over Dentures

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Every person would like to be able to smile at someone and not have that person glare back at them because of a facial flaw. The kind of facial flaw that would embarrass people is having missing teeth. Fortunately, people do not have to walk around with missing teeth. They have the option of getting partials or dentures, if all or some of their teeth are missing. They also have the option to get dental implants. There is a dental office that offers dental Implants in Augusta GA who explains why implants are popularly chosen over dentures.

Dental implants are mostly chosen because they look and feel more natural than dentures. The wearers of dental implants do not have to worry about their teeth moving around in their mouths, or slipping out. Dental implants are permanently attached in the mouth. Another reason implants are chosen is because there is not the factor of food getting stuck in the gums, such as with dentures. Implants are anchored in the jaw and actually fuse with the bones in the mouth. Implants also have a longer life than dentures. If properly taken care of, they could last a lifetime.

Implants may need to be adjusted from time to time; otherwise, they last as long as they are well-taken care of. They also are more practical when just a few teeth have to be replaced. Rather than getting a partial, implants will work better and help keep the other teeth in place. They make patients feel more confident when they are in public, not wondering if the teeth are going to slip out and cause embarrassment. Implants may be a bit more expensive than dentures, but wearers feel they are worth the price.

Augusta Dental Arts has been providing dental solutions for patients in the Augusta GA area. Dr. Timmerman has been giving patients the option to get implants or dentures, according to their preference. He also offers in house teeth whitening, complete smile makeovers and sedation dentistry. If you are interested in dental Implants in Augusta GA, Augusta Dental Arts is waiting to hear from you.

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