Finding the Best Kid’s Dentist Near Homer Glen

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Finding the best kids’ dentist in Homer Glen is equally as important to parents as finding the child’s first doctor. As a new parent, you often turn to the mothers of other new babies, asking them who they use as their pediatrician; in many cases you can get a referral from your family doctor. Once you have gathered a few names of pediatricians who come recommended the next step usually is to make an appointment for a quick consultation which allows you to see for yourself if what you heard was right or not.

Both medical and dental pediatricians are specialists, to reach this level of competency both have to take considerable extra training that may last for two or more years. This specialized training gives the graduate dentist the opportunity to be exposed to the unique dental needs of children ranging in age from toddlers to teens including children with special needs. Although a kids dentist in Homer Glen focuses on children it is interesting to note that adults with special needs can also take advantage of these special skills; adults with Down’s syndrome for example can benefit from the unique approach and skills exhibited by these dental professionals. As is true with other medical and dental specialists, to maintain their status they must continue with their education as procedural changes and technological advancements happen frequently.

The moment you open the door of a dentist who specializes in kid’s dentistry you will know you are not in a typical dentist’s office, you have walked into a very special world. In the office of a traditional family dentist it is no surprise to see a pleasant waiting room, conventional treatment rooms and adult size dental chairs. When you walk into the office of a kid’s dentist you see chairs sized for little people; toys books and games, and everything is scaled in such a way that it is comfortable for the children. It is not unusual to see TV screens in the treatment areas where the little patients can have their attention deflected by watching their favorite cartoon characters. Dentists who deal with children know that half the battle is won when the patient is calm, content and occupied. Just as you would not think of using a general practitioner for your youngster you should see your child’s dentist in the same light.

It is not that dentists who deal with adult dental issues cannot provide the same services to kids; the issue is that a kids dentist in Homer Glen has different “bedside manners” that can be adapted when they treat children from tots to teens.

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