Where to Go for Dental Crowns in Bridgeport CT

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Dental Care

Dental crowns help you to have teeth that look great and are functional. They cover part of a real tooth so the surface is smooth. You can eat and chew with them as you normally would. You should brush them as you would your normal teeth. Getting quality dental work when you need it is important.

If you wait too long, you may have to get teeth pulled instead. Getting a crown may require some sedation in order to prep the surrounding teeth for the procedure. Your dentist can share before and after photos of other patients with you. Seeing what the outcome will be can help you to relax and proceed with the procedure.


There are some excellent dentists in the area you can turn to. Schedule some consultations so you can evaluate your options. Don’t rush into getting dental crowns. Talk to a couple of dentists to see what they can provide you with. Find out about their experience and their results. You need to have the work done by a professional.


Getting a crown isn’t cheap, but it can last for 10 years or more. It is a solid investment as long as the right materials are used to create it. Your dental insurance may pay for all or a portion of the crowns you need. The remainder will be your responsibility. Find out who takes your insurance coverage before you make any appointments to get dental crowns in Bridgeport CT.

The balance due will be your responsibility to pay. If you need crowns but you don’t have insurance, there may be in-house financing at some locations. Talk to the business office and see if you qualify for a payment plan. This allows you to get the dental work done now and to pay for it over time rather than all at once.


You should feel comfortable with the dentist you are working with. This includes their receptionist, hygienist, and other staff. You should feel like you can ask questions about your care. When a crown is made, it should fit well in your mouth. Tell your dentist if you feel any sharp edges or it is painful to bite down on. They may need to make a few adjustments before they permanently cement it into place.

The crown should look realistic, with a design similar to your real teeth. By doing so, it isn’t going to stand out when you smile or when you have your mouth open to talk. Within a short period of time, you will forget you have crowns in place. They are better than empty spaces because those empty spaces can allow teeth around them to move. This will result in additional dental care required to move them back to where they belong. Click here for more information.

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