What to Expect After a Tooth Filling

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No one likes cavities, and the best thing to do is have them filled as soon as possible. For people who have never had this type of dental work done, there is sometimes a little anxiety about what will happen next. Here are some things to expect after undergoing a Tooth Filling in Bridgeport, CT.

The Sensation Returns

In order to perform the Tooth Filling in Bridgeport, CT, the dentist uses some type of sedation. The idea is to deaden the area so the patient does not feel any pain as the decay is removed and the filling is inserted. Within a couple of hours after the procedure is complete, the patient will notice that the feeling begins to return. Until then, it is wise to not chew on that side of the mouth. Doing so helps to reduce the possibility of biting on the tender tissue on the inner side of the cheek.

Once the feeling does begin to return, it is natural to expect some discomfort. For most people, it can be managed used some type of over the counter pain medication. Only use something that is recommended by the dentist. Doing so will help to alleviate the soreness without running the risk of causing any complications.

Things Get Better Every Day

Depending on how much irritation the gum tissue underwent, expect some soreness for several days. The thing to watch for is how severe the discomfort happens to be. When things are moving along as they should, the patient will notice that each day brings some improvement. In the meantime, avoid any activity that seems to make things worse. This includes biting down with the filled tooth or exposing it to beverages or food that is extremely hot or cold.

For anyone who is facing the prospect of a Tooth Filling in Bridgeport, CT, take the time to talk with a dental professional first. Take the time to click here for more info about what to do before and after the procedure. By taking the right steps and making preparations in advance, it will be easier to deal with the discomfort and know that the healing is progressing at an acceptable pace. Click here for more details.

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