Before and After-Care Instructions for Tooth Extractions in Dumas, TX

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Tooth extractions can be a simple procedure that does not require much in terms of preparation or recovery. On the other hand, certain extractions may require advanced care and after-care due to their severity. This is often required when multiple teeth will be extracted at one time. Tooth Extractions in Dumas TX in need of more advanced care have specific before and after-care instructions to follow.


Stock Up on Soft Foods

It is best to be prepared for the tooth extraction commences. People are often given anesthesia or something similar before having their tooth removed. The patient may feel groggy afterward and unable to stop for a meal on the way home. Only soft foods should be consumed after the procedure, so be sure only these kind are in the household once you get back. Mashed potatoes, soup, ice cream, popsicles, and yogurt are some ideal choices.

Take Pain Medication

Taking pain medication prior to the procedure will help ensure the person getting their tooth removed is less likely to feel any pain during and immediately after it happens. Waiting to take the medication until afterward could leave a person feeling extremely sore for some time until the meds kick in. It is best to ask the dentist which types of medication are allowed, as some tend to thin blood and make a person more likely to lose blood during the procedure.


Avoid Using Straws

The sucking motion of using a straw can cause a blood clot to loosen from the area where the tooth was pulled. It is best to avoid using straws for this reason. At least 24 hours should go by after the procedure before a straw is used. The same applies to a cigarette and even spitting forcibly.

Avoid Hard Foods

As was previously mentioned, only soft foods are supposed to be consumed after having a tooth removed. Hard foods, such as chips, meat, and candy should be avoided, as they are more likely to get stuck in the hole left behind by the extracted tooth.

Tooth Extractions in Dumas, TX can be painful and unpleasant for many people. Knowing how to care for the teeth before and after will ensure the recovery process goes more smoothly. Click Here to learn more about extractions and what you can expect.

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