What Should Patients Know About Getting Dentures in Kona?

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As a person grows older, they can begin to lose their natural teeth due to decay and gum disease. Even younger people can begin to suffer from tooth loss and feel ashamed of their appearance. Not only does tooth loss have a profound effect on a person’s self-confidence, but it can also lead to problems with their ability to speak and eat. With this information, individuals will discover more about Dentures in Kona and what they can expect from the process.

What Should Patients Know?

There are a few things individuals should know before they decide to commit to Dentures in Kona. It is important individuals fully understand the process, and what they can expect so they will be prepared.

Before the individual can receive a full set of dentures, all teeth that remain in their mouth must be removed. Removing the teeth may be carried out in one appointment or several, depending on the number of remaining teeth and the patient’s oral health and overall health.

Once the teeth have been removed, the patient will need to have impressions made. Impressions allow the dental lab to create the dentures so they will fit precisely in the patient’s mouth and give them the highest level of comfort.

Some dentists offer same-day dentures for those who do not need a customized pair. Those who want a more precise fit will need to wait on their set of dentures to be created.

What to Expect

Getting dentures is a multi-step process that takes time. When the individual first begins wearing dentures, they may notice their gums feel a little sore. This is completely normal and will improve with time. Proper cleaning and care of the dentures will help to ensure infections do not occur and the dentures can remain intact and serviceable for as long as possible.

Those who are interested in getting dentures and would like to learn more should browse the website. Call the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. and ask to schedule a consultation appointment. With this appointment, you will be able to learn if you are a good candidate for dentures.

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