What Is a Prosthodontic Procedure in Austin TX?

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A Prosthodontic Procedure in Austin TX is one that seeks to surgically restore a person’s smile. There are many reasons people suffer from missing teeth. Often, teeth are extracted because they have become necrotic due to decay or injury. Those who do not have a full set of teeth can experience a myriad of issues, including the inability to properly chew and speak.

In addition to functional concerns, this issue causes a blight upon a person’s smile, leaving them to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Though there are temporary options for tooth replacement, many people have found a permanent solution for their tooth loss through a Prosthodontic Procedure in Austin TX.

The first part of the procedure involves the placement of the small titanium implant. Titanium is one of the few metals that has the ability to bond with natural bone tissue. Once it is placed into the jawbone, the bone begins to heal and grow new osteoblasts that fuse with the metal implant. This fusing process allows the implant and jawbone to become one so the end result will eventually be a fully functioning tooth that is permanently anchored in the jawbone.

Dental implants are put in place through an in-office surgical procedure. Once the titanium anchor has been implanted, the patient will be sent home to recover so the bone bonding process can begin. Bonding between the bone and implant can take a few months, depending upon the patient’s age and their health. Generally speaking, those who are younger and in good health will produce bone tissue at a faster rate.

Once bonding is complete, the dentist will place an abutment on the end of the implant. This abutment will allow the dentist to be able to successfully attach the crown to the titanium implant so the two become one complete piece. Once the crown is in place, it will be the only visible structure seen in the mouth. With all of the metal covered in gum tissue, the result is a natural-looking tooth that blends in perfectly with adjacent teeth.

If you are in need of dental implants or other restorative procedures, contact the office of Stevan A Koprivnik DDS PC. Through a consultation examination, you can get started on restoring your smile.

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