Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Alexandria VA for Teeth Whitening

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Some individuals resort to cheap teeth whitening products available at all sorts of stores, but others prefer to have professional service from a Cosmetic Dentist in Alexandria VA. They don’t want to risk inconsistent results or negative reactions, such as heightened sensitivity that can cause pain when consuming hot or cold foods or beverages.

Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways that people enhance their appearance, and getting teeth whitened is one of the most affordable measures. Someone may not yet be ready to get dental aligners to straighten teeth or veneers to cover teeth that seem too small or have a small gap between them. However, they can get their teeth whitened and take years off their facial appearance. Bright white teeth are associated with youth, since tooth enamel tends to become somewhat discolored with age. Sometimes this is genetic, as part of the normal aging process for some individuals, but usually it’s caused by years of drinking beverages that stain teeth. Coffee, black tea and red wine are common culprits.

Some of the increasing desire for an improved smile is due to TV and movie stars with their perfect smiles. Years ago, those perfectly aligned, bright white teeth were not nearly as common even among actors and actresses, but people see those brilliant smiles now all the time. The use of software to lighten teeth in photographs also is pervasive in advertising.

Fortunately, a Cosmetic Dentist in Alexandria VA provides whitening services for a price that won’t break the bank. Patients are thrilled with they see the improvements that occur gradually as they complete treatment. They may choose to start the whitening process at the clinic and receive instruction on how to do it themselves, then complete the process at home.

A dentist or hygienist begins by clearing tartar from teeth and then polishing the enamel with an abrasive substance. That removes surface stains from teeth, but doesn’t affect the intrinsic color. Bleaching products are required for that. A dentist such as Thomas J. McVay provides teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services. Anyone who is interested may click here to get more info.

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