Three Ways to Handle a Decayed Tooth at a Reliable NY Dentist

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Decayed teeth can be some of the most painful and inconvenient things. They can cause you to lose time at work as well as precious time with your family. Fortunately, local dentists can perform restorative dentistry in Corning NY. Here are three solutions that are available if you have a decayed tooth:

Extraction With Partial Denture

One of the first options the dentist may suggest is an extraction. Extractions are generally cheaper than other solutions, and they can eliminate your pain immediately. You can follow an extraction up by having them install a partial denture if you don’t want to go without a tooth. You might be able to find some affordable options for a partial.

Root Canal

A root canal is another example of restorative dentistry in Corning NY. In this procedure, a dentist will remove the decay and pulp from your tooth and install a filler. Sometimes, specialists suggest root canals when their clients want to save their teeth.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is also an option that you might want to consider. It will give you much more stability than a partial denture will, and it will look more like one of your natural teeth. The unique thing about dental implants is that they fuse to your jaw bone. That means that having one of them can improve and strengthen your bite. In other words, you won’t have any problem eating a steak if that’s what you desire.

Those are just a couple of options you’ll have for your decayed tooth. More solutions are available, as well. The choice is yours as to how you would like to resolve the issue. A dental professional can help you decide on the best course of action for treatment. All you need to do as make the first phone call.

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