Three Benefits Of Dental Implants In Charleston SC

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Missing teeth can cause problems with chewing and eating, and many individuals also feel embarrassed when they have some of their teeth gone. One solution that’s permanent is to have the missing teeth replaced with dental implants, instead of getting dentures. Individuals can learn three benefits of Dental Implants in Charleston SC by reading the information below.

Chewing and Eating With Ease

Unlike full or partial dentures that are often worn due to missing teeth, dental implants are permanently secured into the jawbone. Since the implants are anchored into the bone they won’t become loose or move around in the mouth while eating. Individuals who wear dentures often complain they have trouble when eating because their dentures won’t stay in position. People who have dental implants can also eat any kind of foods they want including hard nuts, tough meat and crispy apples.

A Lifetime Solution

Dental implants are very durable and once they’re implanted into the jawbone they are there to stay. Individuals who wear dentures often need to have them continually adjusted or they have to purchase new dentures every few years. Since implants function just like a person’s natural teeth, individuals won’t ever need to have them replaced. Dental implants are a solution that will last the rest of a person’s life. To ensure the longevity of dental implants, individuals must practice good oral hygiene and visit the dentist on a regular basis for routine checkups.

Natural Looking Teeth

Some individuals are unhappy with the appearance of their dentures because their teeth look too big, too small or just unnatural. Dentists who specialize in Implants in Charleston SC make certain that the teeth will look as natural as possible. Since the implants can’t slip out of place when speaking, no one should be able to tell that they aren’t the person’s natural teeth. When the implants have healed after placing them into the jaw, the dentist attaches a post and a crown to the dental implant.

Individuals in and around Charleston SC who want a permanent replacement for their missing teeth can contact a dentist at Tatum Dentistry and schedule a consultation for implants.

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