Things to Know About Your Local Denture Clinic in Fairfield, OH

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Dentist

If a patient no longer has their own teeth to anchor crowns, bridges or partial dentures, they need a complete denture. Only with a full denture can their chewing and speech function be optimally restored. Only the most reliable denture clinic in Fairfield, OH should be trusted with this type of procedure.

Dentures That Work

In addition to restoring a person’s chewing and speech function, a full denture should also slow down the natural disintegration processes in the jaw and gives the lips, which may have drooped through tooth loss, their natural appearance. A denture is held by a specific suction effect of the thin saliva film between the prosthesis and mucous membrane on the palate.

How good the adhesion is will depend on the shape of the jaw, the oral mucosa, and the salivation of the patient. As a rule, however, a full denture sits better in the upper jaw than in the lower jaw because of the broader surface of the palate, contrary to the lower jaw’s anatomical conditions, which are inherently unfavorable.

An optimally designed full denture allows the person to obtain a natural smile with full functionality. Through each individual measurement of the jaw and face, a denture clinic in Fairfield, OH can ensure the correct type of aesthetic anterior design and the ability to create multi-colored gums.


Advantages consist of:

  • Aesthetic anterior design
  • Natural appearance in each age group
  • Static-functional positioning
  • Individual measurement of jaw and face
  • Improves the patient’s physical appearance
  • Possibility of multi-colored gums
  • Greater naturalness through individual placement

Implant-Retained Complete Dentures

An alternative for the treatment of an edentulous person (missing every tooth) is the implant-supported total removable denture. Optionally, both jaws can be supplied together or on the lower or upper jaw by themselves. The two-implant total removable denture is currently the preferred treatment option for people with a completely edentulous mouth. This therapeutic concept provides both safety and value for money.

These type of restoration is simple and reliable and it is especially appreciated by patients with an edentulous mandible. Advantages consist of pain relief, perfect gingival management, improved speaking and chewing functions, and more. However, optimum care is a must. For more information, visit website or contact your local dentist.

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