Sedation Dentistry in Chaska, MN, Makes Dental Care More Comfortable

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Dental anxiety is a common problem. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 60 percent of Americans feel anxiety about going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry in Chaska, MN, can help make your next dental visit more comfortable by using an oral sedative or local anesthesia to relax you during your appointment.

Safe, Effective Solution

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective option for patients of all ages. A sedation dentist can use sedation methods to treat various conditions, including the following:

• Root canals
• Dental implants
• Crowns
• Fillings
• Tooth removal

Feel Relaxed and Comfortable

Sedation dentistry in Chaska, MN, helps you feel relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures. It may also relieve your anxiety about going to the dentist.

If you’re struggling with dental anxiety, sedation can be used to make your experience at the dental office more pleasant. Sedation dentistry may be right for you if:

• You have been avoiding dental care because of fear or anxiety
• You are nervous about having a procedure done
• You are concerned about pain management during a procedure

A Positive Experience

Sedation dentistry gives patients a positive experience at the dental clinic. You can choose the level of sedation that’s right for you, and there are no restrictions on what treatments can be performed during a sedation appointment. The goal is to make your dental experience positive.

If you’re considering sedation dentistry in Chaska, MN, visit Chanhassen Family Dentistry to learn more.

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